Family-friendly Hotel in Phuket – Beautiful Beaches Nearby

One of the advantages of a family-friendly hotel in Phuket KK – Karon-Kata Boutique is its location. Two beautiful beaches – Kata and Karon – are located within a walking distance and one more wonderful beach – Kata Noi – is within just 5 minutes drive from the hotel. We would like to tell you about these beaches, show you the photos so you will be able to choose any you like the most.

Karon Beach

Karon beach is the third-longest beach of Phuket island. It is very popular with tourists all year round but because of its length, you will never feel crowded there. This beach is good for swimming and sunbathing and also offers a big choice of water entertainment: snorkeling, parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boats, wakeboarding, windsurfing, etc.

Area facilities of Karon beachfront are well developed. Little sand-dunes separate the beach from the street where you can find a lot of places to eat, to have a refreshing drink, to buy tourist goods like souvenirs, also Family Mart and 7/11 convenience stores are located there. 

What tourists appreciate most of all – spots where you can buy young coconuts to drink, fruit smoothies, Thai ice-cream, popular dessert banana pancakes.

If you walk along the beachfront you will see street exercise equipment and a volleyball court. A good option for evening pastime. Less healthy pastime for evenings – bars everywhere along Karon beach, you only need to choose among them – regular bars, bars with live music.

Kata Beach

Kata beach is located to the south of Karon beach. It is also long and popular with tourists. In the dry season, there is calm and turquoise water, good for swimming. In the wet season, when waves come, waters of Kata beach are good for surfers. At the beach, there is an opportunity to rent a surfboard. So experienced surfers catch the wave. As for people who have never tried surfing but want to learn – right at the beachfront there is a Surf House. The staff of the Surf House can teach you how to surf on an artificial wave so later you’ll be ready to conquer a real one. 

Kata beachfront offers a lot of restaurants with different cuisine – Thai, Russian, European, Halal, Chinese. Places with smoothies and ice-cream are also everywhere. Bars open closer to evening. Shops and markets sell everything tourists may need.

In our opinion, it’s difficult to choose between these two beaches – Karon and Kata. Both of them are good and developed and don’t have much difference. Both of them have white sand and clear sea, both offer water activities, sunbeds and umbrellas, and both beachfronts are full of shops, markets, restaurants, street food spots.

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi beach is a beautiful small bay along the western coast of Phuket island. It is located to the south of Kata beach. Along the shore of Kata Noi beach, a lot of luxurious 5-star hotels are built. Also, the street behind the beach has some restaurants with a stunning sea view where you can have dinner and enjoy the sunset, for example, After Beach and Mom Tri’s Kitchen.

Kata Noi is not so big as Kata and Karon beaches that’s why it’s rather quiet. Very good for relaxation all day long. You will appreciate this beach if you decide to visit it one day, even though it’s not within a walking distance and you will need to take a taxi or a tuk-tuk.

We hope this brief information about the nearest beaches was helpful and we wish you to have a perfect vacation in KK – Karon-Kata Boutique Hotel!

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