Phuket Airport Underpass Construction

Jan 09, 2019 / by Kirill Vyalykh

Phuket Airport Underpass Construction

Jan 9, 2019 | Phuket Development

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Construction of the underpass near Phuket International Airport is ahead of schedule. Nevertheless, the deadline remain the same. It is planned to complete tunnel construction in June, 2019.

The construction of the fifth tunnel in Phuket began in October 2017. The main function of the tunnel is to unload the intersection of the main road leading from island to continent and the road to Phuket airport.

The construction cost is estimated at 500 million baht.

Since May 2018, the passage through the tunnel is open in one direction. The construction of roads near the tunnel is underway and the movement of cars on the lanes changes from time to time.

After the completion of the underpass traffic heading north and south will be able to drive through the intersection unimpeded.

Source: Phuket News